Downstream Oil Situationer FY 2019

Published on 0, 15 May 2020


The passage of R.A. 8479 otherwise known as the “Downstream Oil Industry Deregulation Act of 1998” liberated and deregulated the country’s downstream oil industry to ensure a truly competitive market and an adequate and continuous supply of environmentally-clean and high-quality petroleum products. To attain the goals,... Read more

Published on 0, 12 September 2019


  • Inventory

As of end-month June 2019, actual crudes and petroleum products inventory closed at 17,273 thousand barrels (MB) or 37-day supply equivalent; 24 days for crude oil and 13 days for products in country stocks.  This was lower by 21.0 percent from June 2018’s 21,865 MB... Read more