2020 GAD Focal Point and TWG Members

Pursuant to Department of Energy (DOE) Department Order No. DO2020-12-0015, directing the reconstitution of the Gender and Development Focal Point System (GAD-FPS) per the Memorandum Circular No. 2011-01 of the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW), the following are hereby designated to compose as its members:


Alternate Chair :

Undersecretary of Administrative Services

Members :

Director Cesar G. De la Fuente (ERDB)
Director Rino E. Abad (OIMB)
Director Mylene C. Capongcol (REMB)
Director Patrick T. Aquino, CESO III (EUMB)
Director Mario C. Marasigan, CESO IV (EPIMB)
Director Arthus T. Tenazas, CESO IV (LS)
Director Angelina V. Manga, CESO IV (AS)
Director Araceli S. Soluta (FS)
Director Amelia M. De Guzman, CESO IV (ERTLS)
Director Herminio A. Ariola, CESO IV (ITMS)
Director Renante M. Sevilla (LFO)
Director Ricardo B. Dela Cruz (VFO)
Director Nilo J. Geroche (MFO)
Messrs. Leonides A. Garcia/Kristian Carlo B. Victorio (DOE-EA)



Director Patrick T. Aquino, CESO III (EUMB)


Director Amelia M. De Guzman, CESO IV (ERTLS)


Assistant Director Rodela I. Romero
Assistant Director Marissa P. Cerezo (REMB)
Assistant Director Irma C. Exconde (EPIMB)
Assistant Director Ismael U. Ocampo (ERDB)
Assistant Director Jesus C. Anunciacion (EUMB)
Assistant Director (EPPB)
Atty. Myra F. Roa (LS)
Ms. Elisa B. Morales (BS-FS)
Ms. Myrna G. Penaranda (AD-FS)
Ms. Lilian C. Fernandex (PRC-EPPB)
Ms. Ma. Victoria B. Capito (PFRD-EPPB)