Consultation on the Phase 2 Report of the Philippine Natural Gas Master Plan

Request for Feedback

On 20 March, The Lantau Group conducted a workshop on behalf of the Philippines Department of Energy to highlight the key findings of the Phase 2 report and get feedback from the private sector. The presentation slides that were used can be found here. Please note that the slides are only a subset of the issues that were covered in the Report, and the full Phase 2 Report (with some areas redacted for reasons of confidentiality) can be found here.

We are now looking for feedback from the private sector.

  • Do you think the transaction structure recommended in the Phase 2 Report will work? If not, why not?
  • Would you be interested in participating? If so, in what areas?
  • We know that considerable facilitation will be necessary in addition to the LNG Terminal transaction. Have we covered the full list of facilitation required (on gas regulations, electricity regulation of power supply agreements or other areas?).
  • Do you have any comments on the facilitation or suggestions as to the best way to effect it?
  • Do you have any other comments?

If you require your comments to be treated in confidence, please let us know and replies will be aggregated for the purposes of any further public consultations. Please provide all feedback and comments via email to Sarah Fairhurst at, and copied to on or before 07th April 2014.