The New Philippine Energy Label

The energy label design features the star rating system for easy reference when comparing the efficiency of similar products. The star rating corresponds to the product’s energy efficiency rating, which depends on the CSPF for ACUs, Energy Efficiency Factor (EEF) for refrigerating appliances and television sets, and efficacy for lighting appliances. For a more effective implementation, the star rating applied to an energy label has already been aligned with a product’s minimum energy performance (MEP). That said, the MEP, as applicable, can also be described as the lower efficiency rating limit for a one-star rating. So, a product that has been issued an energy label has also passed DOE’s MEP requirement.

The Energy Label also contains some details of a particular product model, as well as its estimated energy consumption. For ACUs and refrigerating appliances, their energy labels also contain the type of refrigerant used and the corresponding GWP value for said refrigerant, in accordance with the Montreal protocol. It also features a QR Code which, when scanned, would provide more detailed product information by directing the user to the Particular Product’s PELP information. Information such as greenhouse gases emissions that are not included in the Energy Label can be viewed this way. Furthermore, it includes a Sample Electricity Consumption that would enable the consumer to compute the product’s estimated electricity consumption on a monthly basis. The QR link can also show the previous versions of the product which may still be in the market.

These energy labels are to be placed in the product itself at a conspicuous area, such as the front of the unit on sale. For lighting appliances, the labels will be on one side of the packaging.

What is the Minimum Energy Performance for Products (MEPP)?

The star ratings depicted in the energy label corresponds to the energy performance of the particular product indicated in the particular product requirement of the product. Particularly, the lower limit of the one-star efficiency range corresponds to the prescribed Minimum Energy Performance for Products indicated in Department Circular DC No. 2020-06-0016, “Prescribing the Minimum Energy Performance for Products (MEPP) covered by the Philippine Energy Labeling Program (PELP) for Compliance of Importers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Dealers and Retailers of Energy-Consuming Products (ECPs)”. The higher the energy performance, the more number of stars, which indicates that the product is more efficient.