Green Energy Auction Committee (GEAC)


Section 11. Reconstitution of the GEAC. To ensure the efficient implementation of this Guidelines and any amendment/supplement thereto, the GEAC is hereby reconstituted and shall be headed by the Assistant Secretary designated by the Secretary to head the RPS Composite Team created under Section 19, Rule 5 of the RPS On-Grid Rules. 
The GEAC shall be composed of the members of the RPS Composite Team, and the respective officers of the Market Operator and TransCo. For this purpose, the designated representatives of the Market Operator and TransCo shall be members of the GEAC upon the effectivity of this Circular. 
The GEAC shall be assisted by Technical Working Group (TWG) in the evaluation of bid documents for every auction round.  The TWG shall be composed of representatives from Legal Services, Financial Services, Electric Power Industry Management Bureau (EPIMB), representatives of REMB Technical Divisions and other relevant entities as necessary.  
The DOE Secretary shall issue a Special Order for the GEAC and the TWG specifying the members and their respective duties and responsibilities.