Designated Statistics

The system of designated statistics is a mechanism that identifies and generates the most critical and essential statistics required for social and economic planning/analysis based on approved criteria.

It establishes priorities for data production and hence provides a means for more rational resource allocation among government statistical activities. It also identifies the sources of official statistics.

The system defines the agency responsible, frequency of data production and schedule of data dissemination. It shall also indicate the major data items to be collected and the geographic level of disaggregation, among others.

Executive Order No. 352 signed by the President on July 1, 1996 approved the activities and statistics that have been designated by the NSCB for adoption by the government. The NSCB is authorized under EO 352 to modify (add/delete) based on its evaluation and monitoring, in accordance with basic statistical standards and in consultation with data producers and users. Subsequent resolutions have been issued to designate additional statistics.

List of DOE Designated Statistical Activities

The energy statistics are available in the Chapter on Energy and Water Resources of the Philippine Statistical Yearbook (PSY) and Economic Indicators published on an annual and monthly basis by the NSCB.

Activity Agency Frequency of Conduct Geographic Disaggregation Schedule of Data Dissemination With ARC
Generation of Data on Power/Energy Production and Consumption DOE monthly national 6 months after the reference month /