Memorandum Circular 2020-05-0001

Obligations of a designated establishment:

MC2020-05-0001 directs all designated establishments under Commercial, Industrial, and Transport (CIT) sectors to submit their Annual Energy Consumption Reports to the Department of Energy. All DEs complying with MC No. 93-03-05 are now governed by this memorandum circular.

All Designated Establishments are mandated to submit the following:

  1. Duly accomplished Annual Energy Efficiency and Conservation Report (AEECR) (EEC Form 3) for the current Fiscal Year. This document monitors any on-going and/or existing energy efficiency and conservation projects undertaken by the establishment.
  2. Duly accomplished Annual Energy Utilization Report (AEUR) (EEC Form 4).This document provides the actual utilized energy (fuel and electricity) of the DE for the current reportorial year. For the initial submission, DEs are required to submit the report of their utilized energy for the last five (5) years. This will establish the base-year average energy consumption performance of the establishment.

The DEs are reminded of their obligations as stated under Section 66 of the EEC IRR, these are as follows:

  1. Integrate an energy management policy into the business operation based on ISO 50001 Energy management System or any similar framework.
  2. Set-up programs to develop and design measures that promote energy efficiency, conservation, and sufficiency that may include installation of renewable energy technologies.
  3. Set up annual targets, plans, and methods of measurements and verification for the implementation of energy efficiency and conservation projects.
  4. Keep records on monthly energy consumption data and other energy-related data.
  5. Improve average specific energy consumption in accordance with the annual reduction targets to be established by the DOE in the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Plan.
  6. Submit an annual energy consumption and conservation report to the DOE by the 15th of April of every year.
  7. Conduct an energy audit once every three (3) years.
  8. Employ a Certified Energy Conservation Officer (CECO) for Type 1 designated establishments, and Certified Energy Manager (CEM) for Type 2 designated establishments.