Updated Process for the Issuance of Order of Payment through the Collection Monitoring System Version 2.1 (COMSV2.1)

Starting 20 November 2023, the Department of Energy have updated the system for payment collection process through the Collection Monitoring System Version 2.1 (COMSV2.1).  
Under the new system, applicants will still request for the Order of Payment (OoP), through the PELP System, and will be received through email. The applicant can then proceed with the payment within ten (10) calendar days after the issuance of the OoP. Payments may be made either through Over-the-Counter (OTC) Bank Deposit, Online Transfer transactions or On-Site payment at the DOE Treasury Division. For payments made Online or through OTC Deposit, an Official Receipt will be sent via email after validation of payment. For on-site cash payments at the DOE, the Official Receipt will be physically issued by the DOE Treasury Division. 
If the applicant fail to pays within the prescribed period, the issued OoP will automatically be cancelled and the applicant will be notified, through email, of the cancellation. In this event, applicant will then have to request for a new OoP through the PELP System. Furthermore, all billing statements and OoP created on or before 05 November 2023 with “Pending” or “For Payment” status have been automatically cancelled. 
The payment collection system was updated to streamline the payment process and facilitate a seamless and efficient system for our clients.