Additional transmission capacity and power generation to bolster Bohol and Luzon power supply

The Department of Energy (DOE) welcomed today the energization of the transmission connection between Bohol and Cebu by the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP). Dumanjug-Corella 230 kV Line 1 and Dumanjug 70 MVAR have been energized today, 16 July 2024, connecting Cebu to Bohol. With a 600 MW transfer capacity, the Cebu-Bohol 230 kV Interconnection Project will significantly boost supply reliability in the Bohol Grid by providing direct access to bulk generations from Cebu, in addition to the existing Leyte-Bohol submarine cable.


This milestone is also crucial for Bohol, where electricity demand has been increasing with the influx of tourists in the Province known for its signature attractions, white-sand beach areas and diving spots.


Additionally, the full completion of this project in December 2024 is expected to resolve congestion in the Leyte-Bohol 138 kV interconnection, which will unburden consumers from high electricity prices in the area.


Emphasizing the importance of maintaining the stability and growth of the country's economy, supporting businesses, and attracting investments, Energy Secretary Raphael Lotilla said,"ensuring sufficient transmission capacity is crucial for the country's economic development, as it promotes a reliable power supply that supports economic growth and investment."


The President last week also inaugurated the Hermosa-San Jose 500 kV Transmission Project which will significantly enhance power accessibility in the Luzon Grid with 5,080 MW coming from existing power plants and 2,554 MW that will come from committed power generation projects.


With a full transfer capacity of 8,000 MW, the Hermosa-San Jose Transmission Project can allow transmission of power generation from a total of about 7,634 MW existing and committed power plants in Bataan and Zambales to Metro Manila and other areas of Luzon. 


Based on the Department of Energy’s list of existing and committed power projects as of April 2024, the additional 2,554 MW will come from 17 committed power generation projectsexpected to become operational within the next three years.

These committed power projects are Mariveles Coal-Fired Power Plant Units 2 to 6Masinloc Power Plant Units 4 and 5, Mariveles Hydroelectric Power Project, San Marcelino Solar Power Project, Subic New PV Solar Power Plant Project, PAVI Green Orion Solar Power Plant Project, Palauig Solar Power Project, Samal Solar Power Project, Bataan-Zambales CW Wind Power Project, Hermosa Battery Energy Storage System, Subic Battery Energy Storage System and Phase 2 of the PCCP Limay Battery Energy Storage System Project.  

The completion of the Hermosa-San Jose Transmission Project exemplifies the power of collaboration between public and private entities to ensure a stable, reliable, and resilient power supply. "We recognize the efforts of the NGCP in completing this project and the assistance extended by various government agencies in overcoming permitting challenges that delayed the project," added Secretary Lotilla.

The President also instructed the DOE and the NGCP to complete the almost 70 transmission projects on time as indicated in our Transmission Development Plan, particularly the Batangas Mindoro Interconnection Project and the Northern Luzon 230kV loop. This way we can meet our increasing energy demand, encourage technological advancement and produce more employment opportunities for our people. ###