Power Development Plan 2016-2040

Powering the Nation

This Power Development Plan serves as the path in powering the nation from 2016 and beyond. The cover depicts the invaluable role of the electric power industry in fuelling and sustaining the country’s economic growth and development.

The Department of Energy (DOE) envisions for the Philippine energy industry to be globally competitive in utilizing energy in Filipino communities through clean, efficient, robust and sustainable systems in order to create wealth and transform the lives of the Filipinos. Recognizing its role, the DOE reaffirms its commitment - to ensure quality, reliability, security, and affordabiliity of the supply of electric power.

Through an integrated approach, the Power Development Plan 2016-2040 encompasses all subsectors - generation, transmission, distribution and supply; as well as the development of the market, other institutional support mechanisms and electrification roadmaps.


  • Overview and Executive Summary
  • Philippine Electricity Profile
  • Five-Year Performance Assessment
  • Demand-Supply Outlook, 2016-2040
  • Power Sector Roadmap
  • Annexes

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