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Downstream Natural Gas

The birth of the Philippine natural gas industry brings the country closer to its goal of harnessing environment friendly fuels to ensure a stable, diverse and secure energy supply. However, the growth of this industry is anchored on the development of additional gas-generated capacity, other non-power applications and the necessary infrastructure that is to bring the natural gas to its potential markets. The infrastructure includes the appropriate pipeline transmission and distribution networks, LNG terminals and facilities, gas refilling stations for CNG-run vehicles and ancillary facilities.

In the absence of the law for the natural gas sector, the stage for the industry’s development has been set with the preparation of a gas policy framework, industry rules and regulations. A clear and concise policies, objectives, programs and strategies formulated by the DOE, together with the critical cooperation and participation of the private sector, development  of a natural gas industry is ensured.

While there is still much to be done, the DOE will be at the forefront of efforts to rally the participants in this new industry to success.


Application for Legislative Franchise

Committee on Legislative Franchises

3/F Ramon V. Mitra Building
House of Representatives
Quezon City

Committee Secretary – Mr. Jose Ronald T. Ayad
Tel/Fax Number – 932-3906
Trunkline – 931-5001 loc. 7159

1. Approval of company registration with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

2. Drafting of the Franchise Bill. Company may seek assistance from the Committee on Legislative Franchises (House of Representatives) in drafting aFranchise Bill or secure a copy of sample bills.

3. It is preferred that the company securing a franchise shall select the sponsor of the bill who has jurisdiction of the district where the proposed public utility operation shall be located.

4. Filing of the bill at the Bills and Index Division (House of Representatives).

5. Franchise Bills originate at the House of Representatives and shall undergo the process on how a bill becomes a law.


Detailed list of documentary requirements for Franchise Applications may be obtained from the Committee on Legislative Franchises, House of Representatives, including the overview and procedures involved in the legislative process. You may visit: