Department Order

Department Order Description
Department Order No. DO2010-06-0005 Amending Department Order No. 2002-09-015 Thereby Reconstituting The Department Of Energy Projects Review Committee (PRC)
Department Order No. DO2010-02-0003 Creating The Department Of Energy Technical Working Group On Renewable Energy Policy Roadmap
Department Order No. DO2009-12-0017 Wearing of Office Uniforms
Department Order No. DO2009-09-0014 Creation Of An Inter-Agency Task Force For The Celebration Of CY 2009 National Energy Consciousness Month (NECM)
Department Order No. DO2009-09-0013 Creating The Department Of Energy Interim Negotiating Panel For Renewable Energy Service/Operating Contracts
Department Order No. DO2009-08-0012 Implementing The DOE Citizen's Charter
Department Order No. DO2009-07-0011 Reiterating Compliance By All Concerned DOE Officials With Section 40 Of Republic Act No. 9524 (General Appropriations Act Of 2009) Mandating The Minimum Monthly Take Home Pay Of Government Employees
Department Order No. DO2009-07-0010 Establishment And Operationalization Of The Renewable Energy Management Bureau (REMB)
Department Order No. DO2009-07-0009 Amendment To D.O. No. 2009-01-0001 Designating Additional Regular Members Of The DOE Bids And Awards Committee
Department Order No. DO2009-05-0008 Establishment And Operationalization Of A Luzon Field Office (LFO)